Learning Style Specialist for School and Life Success

Mariaemma Pelullo-Willis, M.S. is the co-author of Midlife Crisis Begins in Kindergarten and Discover Your Child's Learning Style, and co-founder of LearningSuccess™ Institute and Power of You Now! Seminars. She is also a licensed and certified Strategic Attraction™ Coach.

For more than 20 years, Mariaemma has been offering products and services that provide Personal Blueprints for Learning & Life Success.

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The Power of You Now!™ Programs:
for Personal & Professional Development

Would you like your personal blueprint for work & life success?

Learn how to identify your Personal Success Styles & your Power Traits

LearningSuccess™ Programs:
for Parents, Homeschoolers, Teachers

Would you like to ensure success for your child or student?

Learn how to identify and work with your child's or student's
personal blueprint for learning and life success!

Solimar Academy:
a Premier Independent Study Program for Career and Life Success

Is traditional school a good fit for your kids?

Find out how to personalize for your children's unique learning needs!

Spark Your Life Publications & Products:
When Things Go RIGHT!

Spark Your Life! products are reminders of all the things that go right for us, empowering us to focus more frequently and consistently on the many wonderful things that come to us on a daily basis!

Book, Journal, Calendars, and more!

Spark Your Life Programs:

for Personal or Professional Development

Would you like to attract YOUR perfect customers?
... perfect co-workers?
... perfect life partner?
... perfect employees?

Put the Law of Attraction to work for YOU to attract what YOU want for YOUR perfect life!


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